Staff of Crosswater Animal HospitalAllison Staley, Client Care Coordinator

Allison Staley joined Crosswater Animal Hospital as Client Care Coordinator in October 2014. As Client Care Coordinator, her responsibilities include greeting clients, scheduling appointments, answering telephones and being our IT guru. Allison's computer expertise, which was acquired by attending the ICM School of Business in Pittsburgh, has made her a valuable asset to the Crosswater Animal Hospital team.

"I love the way our staff genuinely cares about every patient and the amount of time spent individually with each family and every pet," she says.

In her free time Allison enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, who are actively involved with soccer at a competitive level. She's also the happy pet parent of three dogs - a long-haired Chihuahua named C.C., a German Shepherd named Greta, and a Chi-Weenie named Cheenie.

Staff of Crosswater Animal HospitalKimberly Overton, Veterinary Nurse

With her easygoing nature and genuine gift of gab, Kimberly Overton most loves caring for all the fur babies and ensuring that their visit at Crosswater Animal Hospital is as pleasant as possible. She has worked with animals, or in an animal related field, for 16 years.

She especially likes working at Crosswater Animal Hospital due to the "higher quality of veterinary medicine."

Outside of work, she and her husband enjoy riding motorcycles (usually for a good cause!) or camping with their dogs. They have two dogs – Charli and Dani, and two cats – Tarzan and Ziva.

Staff of Crosswater Animal HospitalChelsea Gustafson,
Veterinary Technician

Chelsea Gustafson began working as a Veterinary Technician at Crosswater Animal Hospital in October 2014. Chelsea's responsibilities include collecting blood samples, running laboratory diagnostics, radiography, and managing pre- and post-operative patient care. She provides a safe and comfortable environment for the pets who visit us each day.

Chelsea has spent over two decades working with companion, avian, exotic and livestock animals. Her background includes horseback riding instruction, canine obedience instruction, as well as previous experience in clinical veterinary medicine and surgery. Chelsea is a passionate animal lover. This characteristic makes her a motivated contributor to the Crosswater Animal Hospital team.

"I love how devoted the entire staff is to each pet and their families when they come in for a visit," Chelsea explains. "It's great to have colleagues that really put their heart into their work."

Chelsea has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. When she's not at work, you can usually find Chelsea horseback riding, hiking with her dogs Logan and Piper, and spending time with her husband and family.

Staff of Crosswater Animal HospitalGenny Johns, Client Care Coordinator & Veterinary Assistant

Genny Johns joined Crosswater Animal Hospital as Client Care Coordinator and Veterinary Assistant in October 2015. Responsibilities of her dual role include "everything from client care to medical aid/assistance." Genny has a passion for providing quality client care and shares her whole-hearted love of the veterinary field with the Crosswater Animal Hospital team.

Genny is currently working towards her bachelor's degree in Psychology at Flagler College and plans to apply to veterinary school after completing her undergraduate studies. She is in the process of earning her certification to become a licensed veterinary technician.

"I love making tails wag, cats purr, their owners smile, turning sickness into positive progress and acting as a voice/advocate for patients who can't speak for themselves," she says.

Outside of work, Genny is a pet therapy volunteer, horse riding instructor for autistic children, and foster mom to many lucky puppies and cats. She also enjoys baking, yoga, and writing. However, she says most of her free time is spent "studying hard to get into veterinary school so (she) can graduate and give Dr. D an extra day off each week."

An animal rescuer, Genny's pet family includes Grayson, a partially paralyzed miniature poodle; Oakley, a German Shorthair Pointer; Londie, an English Springer Spaniel; Regan, a deaf toy Australian Shepherd; and a cat named Presley. She also has two pigs, Pork Chop and Barbie Que; a miniature donkey, Derby; and two horses, Hartleigh and Belle.